Charity, Health, Education

New system simplifies everyday branded marketing collateral

IE Brand has been busy trying to solve an everyday marketing challenge that charity, health and education clients have wrestled with for years: how to quickly produce marketing comms and collateral, on brand and without headaches. We've teamed up with Brand Unify to offer an online Content Creation System that solves this problem.

Clients come to IE to transform their brands, revitalise their visual identities, and to produce dozens of beautiful templates to help them roll out their comms for years to come.

A good agency will give clients a toolkit that enables them to be independent – able to produce day-to-day comms without compromising their brand. But that independence can be a challenge, as clients have to decide how they’re going to produce scores of leaflets, brochures, booklets, posters and adverts that are required every month.

The problem is even more acute when an organisation is large, and has a number of regional bases, which makes producing everyday comms a logistical nightmare.

Until now. 

Introducing the Content Creation System (CCS)

CCS is a web application that allows anyone to produce on brand comms with minimal effort. It offers clients a better alternative, producing beautiful artwork that’s ready to print, email or output to PDF.

Watch the three-minute film (sound optional) to see the platform in action, and check out our frequently asked questions below. 


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Where’s this been all my life?

In development.

Will it save us money?

Almost certainly. The monthly licensing cost to use our Content Creation System averages around the same as hiring a design agency for a single day.

Will we be able to install it on our machines?

The Content Creation System is entirely web based, so irrespective of whether you’re on PC or Mac, as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser you’re good to go.

Are there any up front costs?

Yes, there’s a charge to convert templates and implement them into the system. We usually require you to send us packaged Adobe InDesign files, and we’ll do the rest.

What can you create using the system?

You can create practically anything. But in practice we find it’s best for adverts, posters, short booklets or brochures, pull up stands, web banners, and website graphics.

Great. So you’ve replaced the need for designers?

Absolutely not. Nothing can replace a designer’s eye. But our system can help to ensure your comms are every bit as good as your designer intended them to be. There’s nothing worse than seeing beautiful designs being butchered in software designed for word processing!

We want you to come back to us time and again because you value our creativity, and expertise – not because you need to replace an image, or change a word!

What are the system’s limitations?

The Content Creation System is incredibly versatile. But just because it can do everything doesn’t mean it should. We’d recommend large documents (anything more than 8-12 pages) are best produced in the traditional way.

The system also works best when creating the same core items time and again, as part of your everyday marketing requirements. One off documents (e.g. an annual report), or items that need to regularly change format are also best done externally.

And, of course, the system can only produce items based on the templates you’ve pre-loaded. So if you’re looking for that touch of magic for your latest campaign, you’ll have to email in the usual way.

How many items can you produce through the system?

The license fee is based on your needs, so we’ll work with you to discuss how many items of collateral you’ll need to produce each month, and tailor a package to suit.

How does the system output files?

The choice is yours. For web banners, you can output to image formats like jpeg and png, for documents you can create PDFs, and if the file is destined for print, you can output press-ready files complete with crop marks and bleed. The system can even send your files straight to your printer!

The Content Creation System works exactly like a CMS – you input your content, and the system does the rest – producing beautiful artwork that’s ready to print, email or output to PDF. It will enable organisations to produce day-to-day comms without compromising their brand.

David Crichton
Creative Director and Brand Consultant, IE Brand