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IE Brand works with charity, health and education clients up and down the UK, as well as internationally. Sometimes we work for large charities and universities that are household names, and sometimes we help small health and social care providers, colleges, or charity startups with big ambitions. If you’re a values-driven organisation with a challenge, then we’d love to add you to our list of clients!

  • Imperial College London logo (grey)
    Imperial College London logo

    Imperial College London

    Imperial College London’s Careers Service provides varied and comprehensive careers guidance, information and a vacancy service to students and alumni at the university.

    Stakeholder research showed that the service was suffering lack of understanding and student recognition. Beginning with a Strategy Workshop to the Career team, IE Brand went on to create a new visual identity for the service to raise awareness in a ‘noisy’ market.

    IE Brand’s work resulted in a clear strategy, a newly expressed brand proposition and a striking new visual identity. We created brand guidelines detailing how to express the identity when working across the university and within individual faculties, as well as branded collateral, banners and magazine templates. Awareness and engagement levels among students increased, while careers staff confidence improved dramatically. 

    Read more about ICL's careers brand or explore IE's other rebranding work with university careers services.

    IE’s brand work has been transformational, they have succeeded in creating a distinctive and highly recognisable identity within the university’s strict, overarching brand guidelines, we are delighted with the overall value and impact delivered.

    Richard Marshall
    Information Manager, Imperial College London
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  • The Strategy Unit logo (grey) – by IE Brand
    The Strategy Unit logo – black on yellow – by IE Brand

    The Strategy Unit – new NHS brand and website

    The Strategy Unit is an established health and care consultancy, born from the NHS. As part of NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit, they help commissioners, healthcare providers, universities, charities, and Government to solve complex problems and make better, evidence-informed decisions.

    IE Brand created a distinctive new logo, brand and visual identity for The Strategy Unit, with a confident tone of voice and a more concise narrative for the services they offer. The Strategy Unit is now a simple brand for complex problems, demonstrating thought leadership and a passion for the subject. 

    IE Digital also designed and developed a new website in the new brand.

    Read more about The Strategy Unit rebrand.

    IE did a great job in helping The Strategy Unit to reflect on ourselves, to succinctly re-articulate our distinctive offering, and to clearly define our relationship with the NHS. They deftly blended challenge and support in doing that. They have a method and a way of thinking that is well honed, well informed and effective. That was what we wanted!

    The impact of the work has reached way beyond the provision of a new visual identity, messaging matrix, Drupal 8 website and marketing materials. It has extended to a sharpened sense of what The Strategy Unit is about and increased confidence in the way in which we present ourselves to the world.

    Peter Spilsbury
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  • Forum for the Future logo (grey) by IE Brand
    Forum for the Future logo by IE Brand

    Forum for the Future visual identity showing penguins through the new logo 'window'

    Forum for the Future is a leading global sustainability non-profit.

    For over 20 years Forum for the Future have been working in partnership with business, governments and civil society to accelerate the shift toward a sustainable future.

    As part of a wider transformation, they came looking for a brand agency partner with experience of working with complex organisations. They appointed IE to create a credible brand that would reflect their international reach and knowledge, and speak to organisations across their core geographies: the UK, the US, the APac region and India.

    Through the new brand messaging and visual identity, we’ve simplified their comms and helped them to connect emotionally with their audiences. The new logo is a window into the future – a window to a world that’s been positively transformed by Forum for the Future’s actions.

    The new brand paints a truthful picture of a world facing significant challenges – but one that’s far from a lost cause.

    Read more about Forum for the Future's rebrand

    IE Brand helped Forum for the Future to bring renewed energy to our work by creating a distinctive new visual identity that beautifully represents our values, and truly reflects our ambitious vision for a sustainable future. Our funders and partners have commented on how the new look and feel is fresh, dynamic and really encapsulates what we’re trying to achieve. The distinctive sub-identity IE created for our School of System Change is also spot-on, reflecting the experimental and inclusive nature of our work to build a global community of system change practitioners – we're delighted!

    Sally Uren
    CEO, Forum for the Future
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  • Betel UK logo (grey)
    Betel UK logo

    Betel charity branding by IE Brand

    Betel UK is an independent Christian charity for people affected by drug and alcohol addiction. They thrive by training their residents to be furniture restorers, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners. This funds their work, and many residents go on to run the businesses and mentor others.

    IE Brand carried out consultancy to clarify Betel’s proposition, focus its marketing messages and map its seven audiences, and redefined their messaging, proposition and tone of voice. This led to the creation of a fresh new visual identity that brings Betel’s work to life, emphasising the real people and success stories behind the organisation.

    IE created new brand guidelines with variants for the five different Betel companies and designed and built a fully responsive new website. We also built a new ecommerce site for the "Restored by Betel" furniture business, and carried out a full review of Betel's pay-per-click advertising, unearthing a potential £50k improvement per year in PPC effectiveness. 

    Read more about our charity rebrand for Betel UK

    An excellent personalised, customer centred service. We love the new brand and website. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

    Chris Servante
    Online Retail Manager, Betel UK
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  • Queen Mary University of London logo (in grey)
    Queen Mary University of London logo

    Queen Mary University of London

    Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the UK’s leading universities. With over 23k students, from 160 nationalities, they are known for their international collaborations in teaching and research.

    QMUL was the best kept secret in the Russell Group. They wanted to drive applications through the annual UCAS process, with one of their largest ever campaigns across outdoor media and a host of digital channels.

    IE Brand delivered a bright, bold and impactful creative concept, putting students front and centre, and emphasising the university’s Diversity focus. We supplied over 50 pieces of artwork and animation, from 90-pixel gifs to bus-sides and 96-sheet billboards.

    Read more about the QMUL student recruitment campaign

    It’s not easy working on a project with challenging deadlines and multiple agencies. The whole team at IE made this process seamless for us. They developed a strong creative, managed the project and provided feedback and recommendations. Our experience with IE has been very positive with an easy and professional working relationship that has made the project a pleasure. Thank you IE. We look forward to working with you again.

    Negin Parvizi
    Head of UK Student Recruitment Queen Mary University of London
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  • WDP logo (grey) by IE Brand
    WDP logo by IE Brand

    WDP happy child and mother

    WDP is a charity providing drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services in London, the South East and the East of England.

    Explore how we rebranded WDP. 

    IE Brand demonstrated an impressive level of insight in supporting WDP through a significant rebranding exercise. Quickly managing to grasp our vision and our values, IE delivered a fantastic new brand and style that we are sure will serve WDP well for many years to come.

    Sue Clements
    Chief Executive, WDP
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  • University of Reading logo and crest (grey)
    University of Reading logo and crest

    University of Reading Careers Service brand shown on banner stands and other collateral

    University of Reading Careers supports its students in achieving their potential and prepares them for the competitive employment market. Struggling with low levels of visibility and engagement, Reading needed to cut through the ‘noise’ of wider university messaging.

    IE Brand began with audience listening through workshops with student, staff and Student's Union representatives, which revealed that Reading students needed a combination of gentle coaxing and a firm kick-up-the-backside. This informed a Jekyll and Hyde approach to the new brand. IE Brand created a set of beautiful, distinctive visual assets carrying powerful messages to support a host of campaigns and events throughout the academic year.

    In the two years since the rebrand, the number of individual students taking advantage of appointments with the careers service have increased by more than 30%.

    Read more about Reading's careers brand or explore IE's other rebranding work with university careers services.

    IE Brand's work genuinely surprised and delighted us. Challenging, pithy tag lines and intriguing, quirky imagery combine to deliver precisely the mix of behaviour changing messages that Reading Careers needed to drive up visibility and engagement. What's more, when we did a show and tell to our Vice Chancellor he ‘loved’ it!

    Lorna Froud
    Director of Careers and Employability, University of Reading
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  • AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP) logo in grey
    AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP) logo

    Brand image for AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP) – botonist

    IE created a new education brand and website for the AgriFood industry. As a collaboration between six UK universities – Reading, Nottingham, Aberystwyth, Harper Adams, Cranfield and Bangor – the AFTP is the bridge between industry and academia. Their postgraduate-level courses translate cutting edge academic research into applied industry expertise, helping the industry’s best talent to deepen their knowledge, advance their skills, and progress their careers.

    The AFTP brand is defined by its close relationship to industry, so the new visual identity is firmly rooted in the world of AgriFood, not the classroom, to celebrate the best the industry has to offer. 

    Explore the full case study for the AFTP website.

    From the moment we first walked into the studio I was instantly impressed with IE’s warmth, professionalism and passion for brand and marketing that I was looking for to transform three existing brands into a single exciting new one.

    I believe that all our team, across six universities have been delighted with the results of the project and we are now working together to develop the ideas and messaging our brand now represents. IE took time to painstakingly tease out the issues at the heart of our market and understand both what makes us tick as organisations and what our market demands; to give us the credibility and edge that we were looking for in a new brand and image.

    For us, a project of this scale was daunting but with IE’s creativity combined with strong project management skills, I believe we have produced an excellent start to the project that will help us attract the participants we need to make the AFTP a success.

    Deborah Kendale
    Business Development and Marketing Manager, University of Nottingham / AFTP
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  • University College of Osteopathy logo in grey, designed by IE Brand
    University College of Osteopathy logo designed by IE Brand


    University College of Osteopathy branded collateral

    When the British School of Osteopathy was granted University College status, they became the first degree-awarding, specialist osteopathic institution in the world. To make the most of this unique status, they needed to review their name and their brand. With IE's help they've become the University College of Osteopathy (UCO).

    IE Digital developed two new websites for the University College and its clinic. Early in the consultancy it became obvious that the clinic needed a separate website to address the specific needs of its user base, so the two sites have been designed and developed in parallel to accommodate the differing user journeys, while maintaining close links and a consistent look and feel. 

    Read more about the UCO rebrand.

    IE has led us expertly through a significant rebranding project, engaging with key stakeholders and ensuring buy-in at every stage. We’re delighted with our new visual identity and how IE has brought it to life online.

    Charles Hunt
    Principal and Chief Executive, University College of Osteopathy
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  • Network West Midlands logo (grey)
    Network West Midlands logo

    Image of Mike the Metro character from Network West Midlands Commuterland films

    Network West Midlands works with public transport operators to improve the regional transport structure.

    Explore how we created the Commuterland films for Network West Midlands. 

  • CHIPS charity logo design (grey) by IE Brand
    CHIPS charity logo design by IE Brand

    CHIPS new charity brand by IE Brand – poster on bus stop

    CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service) is a charity that joins with communities from both sides of a conflict – from Brixton to Ghana – to help build sustainable futures free from violence and division.

    Explore how we rebranded CHIPS.

    Our brand and identity are the key to communicating our personality, and if truth be told, were in dire need of a spruce-up. We ran the risk of being overlooked as out-of-touch and irrelevant, even as the work we do – with real people, in real communities – becomes even more needed.

    We chose IE Brand for their branding expertise and thorough, considered approach to the process. They were excellent at guiding our team, and challenging us where we needed to be challenged. We felt in very safe hands and thoroughly enjoyed working with their team and seeing the new brand and design emerge. IE Brand's wise, high-quality work to rebrand CHIPS will lead to a step-change for the charity. We’ll now be able to shout louder with less effort. It’s a great investment in the future. Awesome work!

    Paul Maxwell-Rose
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  • Goldman Sachs logo (grey)
    Goldman Sachs logo

    Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses report – Empowering Entrepreneurs, Accelerating Growth

    Goldman Sachs launched the 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme to identify businesses and social enterprises with high growth potential and to equip them to grow and build a plan to create jobs in their communities.

    The programme is designed by leading experts and run in partnership with the business schools of the universities of Oxford (Said Business School), Aston (Aston Centre for Growth), Leeds, Manchester Met and UCL. The programme regularly produces reports demonstrating its impact, and contributing to key debates such as Brexit by surveying the views of its alumni.

    IE Brand is the design partner for these reports, creating open, clean documents with timeless typography and understated elegance. We use innovative data visualisation techniques and craft beautiful infographics to walk the fine line between an academic paper and an accessible, visually engaging report.

    When the first Progress Report launched at the 10KSB UK Alumni Conference, attended by 500 programme participants, it appeared 24 hours later in the business pages of The Times newspaper.

    Read more about Goldman Sachs 10KSB

    The 10KSB Programme is a key project to the university partners responsible for its delivery, so it was essential we appointed an agency that really understood our ethos and core aims. IE Brand inspired confidence in all of the delivery partners and proved the perfect choice. Their innovative, consultative approach combined with creative excellence was really refreshing.

    Mark Hart
    Programme Director and Academic Lead, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
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  • University of Bristol logo (grey)
    University of Bristol logo

    Two students overlaid with a vibrant, exciting backdrop of neon lights - University of Bristol Careers image showing

    University of Bristol is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK and was ranked within the top 50 universities in the world in the QS World University rankings 2016.

    Ahead of a larger university-wide brand review, Bristol engaged IE Brand to carry out a piece of brand architecture work to look at how various areas of the university and its sub-brands fit together. We went on to deliver research and consultancy for three of its internal university services: Careers, Sport and Catering.

    For each one we developed new brand messaging and visual identities, to be applied to everything from food packaging and sports kits to social media and building signage. We also devised launch campaigns for the catering brand, Source, and the relaunched Careers service. 

    Read more about Bristol's new sub-brands or explore IE's other rebranding work with university careers services.

  • Open Doors International logo (grey)
    Open Doors International logo

    Open Doors magazine

    Open Doors International (ODI) serves persecuted Christians worldwide through bible delivery, bible training, practical support, advocacy and prayer.

    IE has worked with ODI on projects as varied as a supporter magazine toolkit, a gamified interactive learning resource, a 60th anniversary logo and digital consultancy around customer journeys through ODI's suite of international websites.

    We were also commissioned to undertake a comprehensive brand audit to inform the future development of the Open Doors brand.

  • Warrington & Vale Royal College logo by IE Brand (grey)
    Warrington & Vale Royal College logo by IE Brand

    New brand for Warrington & Vale Royal College

    Warrington & Vale Royal College was created from the merger of two post-16 Further Education colleges – Warrington Collegiate (ranked 8th in the country) and Mid Cheshire College. The college needed a new brand identity to signal change for the new college and its sixth form.

    Explore how we created the new Warrington & Vale Royal College brand.

  • University of York logo/crest (grey)
    University of York logo/crest

    University of York careers service brand by IE Brand – giant lettering in the landscape saying "Skill – Build It"

    The University of York is a top 20 UK university with a strong record of employability – it comes top of all the Russell Group universities for the proportion of graduates in work or further study three years after leaving. 

    In spite – or perhaps because – of that success, the Careers brand had been neglected and no longer represented the services on offer. They needed to increase visibility and drive engagement with a compelling strategy, simplified brand architecture, clear and concise messaging and an arresting visual identity. 

    IE Brand helped UoY to achieve just that, creating a more mature brand for Careers with strong calls to action and a more challenging tone. The new brand sets expectations higher and emphasises a less passive, partnership approach between students and the careers team to maximise their prospects.

    Read more about York's careers brand or explore IE's other rebranding work with university careers services.

    "IE Brand's sector expertise, combined with their collaborative, co-creation approach, has enabled us to introduce a university wide employability brand that all key stakeholders are really pleased with. Since being unveiled, the high quality, impactful visuals have been championed by central Marketing and adopted by key employability providers to deliver consistent and engaging messaging to our students."

    Louise Thurston
    Strategic Project Manager: Communications and Engagement (Careers and Placements, Student and Academic Services)
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