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What’s the story behind your brand?

Whether it’s education, healthcare or charity branding, a story behind your identity can help you dramatically increase engagement with your audiences.

Brand storytelling is important in increasing emotional engagement between audiences and your organisation. A story behind your brand gives your brand credibility and personality.  A recent survey found that 75% of people said their decision to purchase from a brand was based on an emotional response.

IE knows only too well the importance of brand storytelling, a story adds credibility, a personality and helps to validate the organisation’s activity. Our recent branding projects for CSH Surrey and the University of Warwick both contained engaging stories and dramatically increased audience engagement and led to recognition at industry awards; Best Visual Brand for CSH Surrey and Best Visual Brand for the University of Warwick.

IE was commissioned by Central Surrey Health to re-imagine their brand and bring this new identity to a newly developed website.

Following a market research phase, IE created a table showing Central Surrey Health’s 5 key strategic objectives, with a core brand message relating to each. Using the overarching qualifier of “if you can’t prove it, don’t say it,” IE enabled CSH Surrey to develop messages which they could substantiate with hard quantitative data. Out of this exercise IE helped Central Surrey Health establish key stories, backed up by data, to help communicate with their audiences.

Further to the new messaging, IE renamed Central Surrey Health, CSH Surrey, and crafted a new visual identity for CSH Surrey with new typography and a gemstone logo.

The story behind the logo? The letters allow CSH the potential for expansion (one of their objectives) into other geographic areas – whilst also maintaining the heritage of the initial brand name. The icon, a gemstone, represents the openness, transparency and high quality services offered by CSH Surrey. The strapline, ‘better healthcare together’ combines, the sector, the ethos of partnership and a sense of continuous improvement.

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