Squeezing Aston’s Lemon at AGCAS 2015

We really enjoyed discussing our award-winning education marketing and university branding for UK careers services at the annual AGCAS 2015 Conference.

The AGCAS Heads of Service Conference 2015 is an annual conference where Heads of Services from university careers services come together to discuss best practice, the growing focus on student employability and enjoy a fantastic meal and wine reception in the evening.

This year, IE’s MD Ollie Leggett held a seminar, Squeezing Aston’s Lemon: Optimising the impact of an already high-performing service through research, repositioning and rebranding, alongside Angie Robinson from Aston University Careers + Placements. The session focused on our branding work with Aston, instrumental in helping them achieve year on year increases of 759% social media likes, 116% in friend requests, 100% in followers, 24% in web activity and 84.5% in event attendance.

Find out more about IE’s work with university careers services that has resulted in increased student engagement and three European branding awards.

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