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RevIEw: IE’s Brand & Digital Magazine

Fabulous clients, top teams, challenging projects and award-winning solutions all feature in issue 1 of IE’s new magazine RevIEw.

Only two decades ago, IE Design Consultancy was nothing more than a dream. Back in the summer of 1994, there was no great master plan, but there were definitely two powerful motivations that remain true to this day: the desire to make a real, measurable difference in this world and this conviction that we need not sacrifice our lives or sanity while at it.

Twenty years later, IE is an award-winning team of 26 brand storytellers and digital creatives. During that time, we’ve served all varieties of organisations - and we realised that we’re happiest whilst working alongside values-driven clients in the education, healthcare and charity sectors.

The first issue of our magazine, RevIEw, provides a 20-page story of IE’s fantastic clients, top teams, challenging projects and award-winning solutions.

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