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I Doughnut Believe It!

Following Greggs’ expertly handled ‘PR disaster’ last month, we have our own bone to pick with them following a lunch time trip to the Jewellery Quarter store…

Last month, Greggs hit the headlines after their normal logo was replaced on Google with a highly offensive logo. The company was inundated with messages of complaint from users, and expertly demonstrated how to deal with this potentially catastrophic PR nightmare-- by showing they had a sense of humour and advertising their selection of tasty doughnuts.

They tweeted Google an image of a tray full of lovely doughnuts (from the Greggs bakery of course) with the caption “Google, fix it and they’re yours!” Google then replied “Throw in a sausage roll and we’ll get it done ASAP.” And Greggs must have agreed because later that afternoon the problem was resolved.

Throughout the ‘ordeal’, the Greggs social media team were keeping their response up, responding to customer messages on Twitter. Some of the best Greggs tweets include:

“All publicity is good publicity? Well that’s what they say isn’t it? *weeps alone in a corner*”

“Crisis… what crisis? *eats doughnut*”

At IE, we have got our own bun to pick with Greggs though. When I was picking up lunch from the Jewellery Quarter store, I saw that our office and logo appear on the pictures on the wall . You’ll be pleased to know we have swiftly contacted them to see if we will receive any remuneration in the form of Belgian Buns for the use of our lovely logo.

Find out more about Greggs’ social media marvel and see some of their witty replies.