A feast for the eyes: rebranding the UK's top restaurant

We've created a stunning new look for the Michelin-starred Adam's Restaurant, which relaunches this week.

IE’s pulses are racing this week as Michelin-starred Adam’s Restaurant reopens in Birmingham, with a new identity - whipped up by IE’s crack brigade of brand chefs - prominently displayed on the menu… and the signage, and the website, and the uniforms!

Having left their pop-up premises in an old sandwich shop on Bennett's Hill, Adam’s has moved to a permanent base around the corner on Waterloo Street, which opens for business on 26th January.

The prestigious new restaurant has been built to last, with a high quality, bespoke finish throughout and a state of the art kitchen, so it was only fitting to introduce a fresh new visual identity too. After all, TripAdvisor’s top UK restaurant deserves nothing but the finest.

It was vital that the new, world-class brand had Adam’s distinctive character of relaxed, understated elegance and sophisticated modernity baked in. The visual identity had to appeal to a variety of audiences, from regular fine diners and corporate clients to special occasion diners and prospective staff.

Taking great care to retain a flavour of the restaurant that loyal customers know and love, our design team set about cooking up a stunning new look. The result is a feast for the eyes. We used photography to bring the dining experience to life, and – just as in the restaurant – the star of the show is always the food.

Adam and Natasha Stokes of Adam's Restaurant commented, "As an ambitious Michelin-starred restaurant with a growing international reputation, Adam's chooses creative partners with the utmost care. We cannot thank IE enough for setting their designers loose on the evolution of the Adam's brand. From the creation of an insightful brief right through to the design of our beautiful new website, we've been surprised and delighted again and again."

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