Brand logos that have a hidden meaning

Everyday we see hundreds, possibly even thousands of logos. We recognise lots of different brands and logos, but look a little closer and you will see that many organisations hide messages within their company branding.

Below are some examples of well known brand logos that have hidden meanings.

  • Possibly the biggest marketplace in the world, Amazon use a yellow arrow from the ‘a’ at the start of the word to the ‘z’ on their logo, which emphasises the huge variety of products that are available on the online store. The arrow is also curved to suggest a smile, indicating their customers’ satisfaction.
  • FedEx has one of the most famous hidden meanings in their logo: they promise to make their deliveries with speed and accuracy, and their logo embraces this concept. In the space between the capital ‘E’ and the lower case ‘X’, there is an arrow to suggest both.
  • The razor manufacturer, Gillette, demonstrates the cutting blade sharpness of its products in their logo by ‘cutting’ sections of the capital ‘G’ and the following lower case ‘I’ at a sharp angle.
  • Car manufacturer, BMW, demonstrate their history in aviation in their logo design. The round logo has a centre made up of a segmented circle in two different colours. The white segments represent a propeller, while the blue sections represent the sky.
  • The charity, the British Heart Foundation, uses the idea of health technology in their logo. They use the line of an electrocardiogram reading to shape a stylised heart, while the lines coming off it represent a healthy beating heart.
  • Unilever, Toblerone and more, check out more famous brand logos here.

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