AGCAS Annual Conference 2014 – Engaging the Unengaged Student

Our MD Ollie Leggett is busy putting the final preparations together for his workshop at the AGCAS Annual Conference 2014. ‘Engaging the Unengaged Student’ will explore the collaborative work between IE and the University of Warwick that significantly increased student engagement levels, and won Gold at prestigious European branding awards.

Join Ollie Leggett, IE Design Consultancy’s MD and Brand Consultant, and Sue Bennett, Director of Student Careers & Skills at University of Warwick, for a workshop exploring a collaboration that resulted in the ‘My Warwick Journey’ student engagement campaign winning a Gold Award for Best Visual Identity at Europe’s premier rebranding awards.

Taking place on the 9th September at the University of Warwick, the workshop will explore the challenges faced prior to the rebrand, including:

  • lack of recognition on campus
  • students seeking help too late in their journey
  • and time pressure to improve outcomes, and how these challenges were overcome.

The workshop will also detail how the new identity was crafted. First… immersion in the unique character of Warwick’s bright, independent-thinking, entrepreneurial students. Second… crafting targeted challenge statements and powerful calls to action around the central ‘My Warwick Journey’ concept. Finally… the launch of the campus-wide brand campaign, arresting students in their journeys and increasing engagement.

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