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20 (+4) Questions...

This year, countdown to Christmas with IE’s Advent Quiz. Take part in our 24 day challenge on some of the world’s best known brands… without using Google!

Each day, in the run up to Christmas, we will post a new question, along with the previous day’s answer.

Keep up to date with questions and answers via our blog, and on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Linkedin, using the hashtag #IEAdvent and #IEXmasQuiz.

Then simply direct message us or email, with your answers.

First 5 people to get all 24 correct will win a box of chocolates.

Ready? Lets get started…

  1. Which automotive brand logo features a winged B?
  2. Which organisation “Helps you say it better”?
  3. Which organisation’s Logo features a bear hiding within a mountain?
  4. In which decade was Sweden’s super-brand Ikea founded? 1940, 1950, 1960?
  5. Which company’s brand slogan is ‘afore ye go’?
  6. Which famous search engine was initially founded under the name “backrub”?
  7. Famous tech brand Nokia is named after, a) the city in Finland or, b) the founder’s middle name?
  8. Which brand name comes from an amalgamation of Voice, Data, Telefone?
  9. The Blue and White colours on the BMW badge are the colours of the flag of which German state?
  10. Which country is referred to by the ‘E’ in car maker SEAT?
  11. Which car company’s brand logo features a griffin?
  12. In 2006 what brand was recognised by Guiness World Records for having the oldest branding and packaging?
    A) Lyle’s Golden Syrup b) Cadbury’s Dairy Milk C) Heinz Baked Beans D) Coca-Cola
  13. Which famous chocolate bar, rebranded in 1990 from its initial name Marathon?
  14. 14. What building was used by Citroen as the world’s largest billboard to advertise cars between 1925 and 1934?
    A) The Chrysler Building, B) The Eiffel Tower C) The Arc de Triomphe
  15. 15. Joseph Cyril Bamford afforded his name to which famous Midland’s brand?
  16. 5 of these ‘generic terms’ are actually brand names, which one is not?
    A) Ping-pong  B) Jacuzzi C) Helicopter D)Jet-Ski E) Bubble-wrap F) Dumpster
  17. Alexandr Orlov famously features in what company’s adverts…?
  18. Which of these brand names does not originate from a person’s name?
    A) Barclays B) Dell C) Ducati D) Huawei
  19. Which company’s slogan is ‘once you pop, you can’t stop?
  20. Which bird has a long association with the Guinness brand?
  21. What is “the world’s favourite airline”?
  22. What colour is the letter E in the ebay brand logo?
  23. What country does Toyota originate from?
  24. And finally... What does the 'IE' in IE Design Consultancy stand for?

Good luck with our quiz and Merry Christmas from the IE Team!