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The Seed Project

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The Seed Project asked IE Brand to create a brand and website that would inspire investors, partners and the media to bring an ambitious vision to life.

The Seed is an audacious 300-meter floating island off the coast of Scotland, harnessing the power of the sea and serving as a beacon of sustainable-living. Once completed, The Seed will be a global education, development and retreat centre, inspiring new approaches to life on planet Earth, and helping to solve the environmental challenges of our age.

It was IE’s job to create a brand and website that would ‘wow’ potential funder stakeholders and attract the investment needed to make The Seed a reality.

Visit The Seed Project website

The Seed Project case study
Step 1 - Listen

Attracting investment in the future

The Seed Project is unparalleled in its ambition and its imagination.

It will serve as an audacious example to humanity of the possibilities of living on water, in an era of rising sea levels. With an amazing idea and some initial architectural plans for what will become The Seed, the next challenge was to bring it all to life.

Philanthropists to school trips

The Seed Project needs investment to develop the idea further and, eventually, to build an island off the coast of Scotland. In the short term, they need to win over the hearts and minds of investors for The Seed Project.

Further along the project’s lifecycle, the brand would also need to accommodate interim activities; from a converted cruise ship learning centre to hydroponic shops, resource kite-marking, and eventually wayfinding and visitor comms.


Visualisation of The Seed amongst the Scottish landscape

Visualisation of how The Seed might eventually look

Step 2 - Advise
Banner image

The Seed is a truly audacious project – an eco engineering marvel, and a project so fantastic, it almost feels like it belongs in the world of science fiction.

However, The Seed isn’t unattainable. Plans are drawn, and it has the backing of some heavyweight players – experts in engineering, architecture and sustainability. But to take The Seed from an idea to reality needs further investment – of expertise, determination, enthusiasm and a lot of funding.

Bringing the vision to life

To make that happen, we needed to bring the vision for The Seed to life, to excite potential donors and supporters. IE’s job was to take a handful of blueprints and computer generated visualisations, and tell the story of the vision behind the project, to persuade philanthropists and partners to get involved.

For that we needed a highly prestigious, credible investor brand and a brochure and website to show the world the scope of what we’re trying to achieve.

The Seed Project logo featuring concentric circles to represent the architecture

The Seed Project business cards

Step 3 - Deliver
Banner image

“The Seed” had already been chosen as the name for the island itself, the project’s ultimate goal. But IE Brand recommended “The Seed Project” as a versatile parent brand for everything the project would entail to get us there.

IE then crafted the key messages, stories, and calls to action that will engage audiences and evoke a response. While The Seed Project is inspired by its founders’ Christian faith, they are primarily seeking to communicate to a secular audience, so the phrase “Imagine the Future” gently encapsulates their faith-based origins in an inoffensive and non-controversial way.

Painting a picture with words

The Seed Project’s comms strike a conversational tone, and use words to paint a vivid picture. They write with conviction and energy, so that everyone who hears about The Seed Project will be ‘wowed’ and recognise that they have the opportunity of a lifetime to support this exciting adventure.

For the brand’s logo marque we took our inspiration from the circular architectural design of The Seed, representing the project’s island garden vision of a self sustaining and environmentally aware community, dedicated to personal reflection and educational change.

Drawing from architecture and nature

The visual identity uses architectural renders of The Seed to bring the project to life, along with photography representing all faces of the project. We use informal people shots to communicate wonder, thought and movement, as well as abstract & natural imagery with circular themes to reinforce the ideas behind the logo.

The brand’s vibrant colour palette is inspired by the landscape and environment of The Seed’s coastal Scottish location – sea, land, heather, and sun – which avoids defaulting to an overtly ‘green’ palette for a typical ‘sustainability’ project.

The Seed Project brand guidelines showing use of logo and colour variants

Mock up of The Seed Project brand shown on merchandise

Step 4 - Support
Banner image

With a striking, prestige brand identity in place, IE simply needed to translate that across a new website and a flagship piece of marketing collateral.

We redesigned the existing brochure, creating a 40-page hard back book for investors to show off the ambition of the project, the expertise involved, and a little of the ground-breaking science behind creating a self-sustaining, man-made island.

Creating a website and video content

The simple brochure-style website is based around a large-scale embedded video, below, showing the striking architectural features of The Seed and describing the vision behind it. It’s focused around the key call to actions of getting in touch, signing up to a newsletter, or making a donation, but the platform is robust enough to scale up as the project progresses and needs to reach a wider audience.


The Seed Project investor book

The Seed Project website shown on a mobile phone